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A poem by Beverly Stock.

© Oleg Kharkhan |

Wise and grave was the reflected face,

A youth-grown man in a mirrored space;

While the wayworn face now quite shy,

Grew gentler-lipped and shadowy-eyed;

He heard a low whisper naming him.

That sound from the world's end vast and dim,

Where the sun went wandering out so far

Through a gate in the mountain left ajar,

The sea birds love, and the land birds flee,

The youth-grown man found eternity.


Beverly Stock, an American poet, delights in creating "Found" poetry that combines her words with existing poems and other texts in the public domain and brings new meaning to older, familiar passages. Visit Her first book, The Prayerful Poet, a publication of HarperCollins Christian Publishing, offers a harbor for relaxation and meditation and focuses on the faith-based message. The Face in the Stream, a poem found in the public domain by Canadian poet Bliss Carman (April 15, 1861-June 8, 1929) inspired my "Found" poem, Reflection.


© 2021 Beverly Stock

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