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Political Voice

A Cento Poem by Beverly Stock. Originally published on on October 3, 2019. It can be found here.

We’ll sing a song to suit the times,

With voices bold and steady,

And cheerily we’ll tell in rhymes

Of good old rough and ready.

There’s a war-cry from Chicago,

That’s spread unto the sea,

A summons to the battle,

For the ga-lant and the free.

Thank God that we are free men,

And can vote for whom we will.

We spread our starry banner

Freely forth from dome to hill.

Success to the old fashioned doctrine,

That men are created all free.

And down with the power of the despot,

Wherever his stronghold may be.

We’ll finish the temple of freedom,

And make it capacious within.

That all who seek shelter may find it,

whatever the hue of their skin.

* A Cento, also known as a collage or patchwork poem, is a work composed of verses or passages taken from other authors. My poem, “Political Voice”, contains combined poetry all found in the Public Domain, as referenced here:

Taylor, ”Rough and Ready,” written for Zachary Taylor’s 1848 US Presidential campaign. Original Stanza 1., Taylor, in my poem - Stanza 1

Taft, “Our Good and Honest Taft,” written about Howard Taft’s 1908 US

Presidential campaign. Original Stanzas 1 & 3.

Taft, in my poem- Stanzas 2 & 3

Lincoln, “Lincoln and Liberty”, published in Hutchinson’s Republican Songster of 1860, for Abraham Lincoln’s 1860 US Presidential campaign. Original Stanzas 11 and 10, in my poem- Stanzas 4 & 5.


Beverly Stock is an American poet living in St. Louis. Her work has been published on, at, on Persimmontree.Org, and on the Webzine Lighten Up Online.

Political Voice

© 2019 Beverly Stock


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