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Hollow Wall

A Found Poem by Beverly Stock

A very old woman

Lived in a brick house.

The squeak of the cricket,

The stir of the mouse,

Were all she knew

Of the earth and us.

Once, when young,

She would dance and play,

Like every other

Child on holiday

Then run to her mother,

At dusk of day.

But age apace*

Comes at last to all;

And her house now filled

With the cricket’s call;

And a scampering mouse,

In a hollow wall.

*apace -swiftly

My “Found” poem is a slightly altered version of Walter De La Mare’s, “Alone,” in the public domain. Trompe l’oeil Image; Artist unidentified.


Beverly Stock is an American poet who delights in creating poetry that asks big questions about small moments, and inspires readers to revisit the little memories we so often overlook. Her work has been published by The Society of Classical Poets, The Chained Muse, Persimmon Tree, and LightenUp Online, in the UK. Visit and BeverlyStockPoetry on Facebook.

Hollow Wall

© 2022 Beverly Stock


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