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The Running of the Fisher Paykels*

A poem by Beverly Stock.

Far, far away in a town called Pamplona,

“The Running of the Bulls”, seems so far away

A San Fermin Festival’s running panorama

Of men and noble beasts, all running astray.

Sheltering in place, my life is like that too,

Pent up energy, but nothing much to do.

My sheltered husband, a cook profound,

Enclosed with me here, and so far I’ve found.

He’s a bull in a china shop, cooking away,

And cleanup is needed, multiple times per day.

Our water usage will surely be be frightful,

We have not one, but two Fisher Paykels*.

He uses cutlery and cookware galore,

After freezing those meals, he makes even more.

Load up every evening, the pots and the pans,

Unload every morning, pans are in demand!

I’ve bonded with my built-ins, that’s all I can say,

I make my “cycle” plans each night, for the next day:

Each Monday the load is Antibacterial,

Water less than 160 degrees would be inferior.

China and crystal- a similar setting to Normal

That’s when our dishes and such are far more formal.

So perfect, the wash action is softened and smooth,

Pumping air along with water, gentle actions that soothe.

Now, for really dirty dishes with baked-on soils,

Hand washing burned-on foods, is total turmoil!

I’m hip, I use eWASH, it’s 63 minutes long,

Only 2 gallons of water is where Auto-Wash belongs.

Light Wash is good, Heavy Wash, Normal, and plastics.

But “Extra-Scrub”, and “PotScrubber” sound too masochistic!

Of the Short Wash, I’m a fan, Speed Wash is even better,

It’s time to do the dishes, more about Fisher Paykel, later.

*Fisher Paykel


Beverly Stock is an American poet living in St. Louis. Her work has been published on, at, on Persimmontree.Org, and on the Webzine Lighten Up Online.

The Running of the Fisher Paykels*

© 2020 Beverly Stock

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