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Sinner Saved

A Cento* of Found Poetry by Beverly Stock.

© Sibgat |

What’s The Use?

“Oh! What is living but moving about,

Buoyed up with hope and crushed down by doubt?” (1)

“What’s the use of folks sad and sighing?”

Best not to spend time standing and whining!” (2)

What is Life?

“What is life?--An hour-glass on the run,

A mist retreating from the morning sun?” (3)

“What shall I do for the land that bred me,

Her homes and fields that folded and fed me?” (4)

What Gain?

“By living day on day, what shall we gain?

What shall we gain,” I ask,”just bitter pain? (5)

“Not vain of hand and heart and the brain,

Of time, some part of the whole will arise and remain.” (6)

What Lasts?

“The words we speak in empty air,

Are never lost, but recorded there. (7)

May thoughts of Heaven on my heart be graved,

And I am known as a sinner saved.” (8)

(1) What’s the Use by Edward Smyth Jones, public domain.

(2) What’s the Use by Paul Lurence Dunbar, public domain, (^substitute line by this author.)

(3) What is Life by John Clare, public domain, (with edits by this author.)

(4) What Shall I do? by Gerard Manley Hopkins, public domain.

(5) What Gain? By Ella Wheeler Wilcox, public domain.

(6) What Of It Then? By Madison Julius Cawein, public domain.

(1) What Lasts? by Joseph Horatio Chant, public domain, (with edits by this author.)

(8) What Lasts? by Joseph Horatio Chant, public domain, (with edits by this author.)


Beverly's first book, The Prayerful Poet, is a publication of HarperCollins Christian Publishing and offers a harbor for relaxation and meditation and focuses on the faith-based message. Please visit or this website to order.

*A cento poem is a work of poetry that is composed of various lines taken from different poems.

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