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Me, By the Numbers

A poem by Beverly Stock.

Today started out as an 8

Out of 10 that’s no so bad,

It raining at the moment

Not the sunniest day we’ve had.

There’s nothing on my schedule,

It’s shelter-in-place for me,

If I weren't an optimist,

This day could be a 3.

Thinking of words my Dad always said,

Never a pessimist but an optimist be!

So forget that 3, in fact, take a leap

I’m optimistic, add my 8 to that 3!

Now 11 on a scale of 10,

Beginning to feel more like me!

Dodge the drops, go get the mail,

Good grief, 21 letters just for me?

So much mail, no, that’s a bill,

Oh, next 5 are too, -- an invoice jubilee?

A big one from the GOVT, eagle emblem on their letters

Oh this day 8’s sliding fast and skidding back to a 3!

Say what? From the government, what the heck?

A check with three 0’s--the IRS is gifting me?

Forget my slide, begin the reverie,

Thanks to Uncle Sam, I’m at 1,203!

That’s the first time the US Govt. has ever inspired my poetry! USA, USA, USA!


Beverly Stock is an American poet living in St. Louis. Her work has been published on, at, on Persimmontree.Org, and on the Webzine Lighten Up Online.

Me, By the Numbers

© 2020 Beverly Stock

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