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Humpty Dumpty

A "Found" poem by Beverly Stock.

© Anton Brand |


Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall...🎶🎶

All the king's horses

And all the king’s men

Couldn’t put Humpty

Together again*-

But all the kings’ nurses.

And all the king’s maids.

Had their own go--

And managed first aid!

Along came the children with scissors and glue,

And stuck him together as good as new.

He didn’t get bruised, and he didn’t get bumped,

Because Humpty Dumpty bungee jumped!

Humpty’s heart was a fragile thing.

Dropped it didn’t bounce or ping

That’s no joke cause if it broke

He’d drench his friends in white and yolk.

Humpty’s dating had an awkward start.

When Humpty handed the girl, his heart

It nearly slipped without her support

Mother Goose called her a “Rhymeless Tart.”

I took unbridled liberties with numerous “Humpty Dumpty” versions, plus my own, to create my mixed-meter, “Found” poem. Inspiration came from the following sources: ApocalypticNurseryRhymes-HumptyDumpty-Imgur


Humpty Dumpty” is a character in an English nursery rhyme or riddle. He is portrayed as an anthropomorphic egg, though not described as such. The best-known verse is the 1954 version.* The earliest know published version was in Juvenile Amusements in 1797. It’s been quoted by William Richards in 1843; in Mother Goose’s Melody in 1803; in an 1810 version of Grammer Gurtons’ Garland; and 1842 in a collection by James Halliwell. Humpty Dumpty appears in Lewis Carroll’s Through The Looking Glass in 1871. The rhyme is listed in the Roud Folk Song Index as No. 13026.


Beverly Stock, an American poet, delights in creating "Found" poetry that combines her words with existing poems and other texts in the public domain and brings new meaning to older, familiar passages. Visit Her first book, The Prayerful Poet, a publication of HarperCollins Christian Publishing, offers a harbor for relaxation and meditation and focuses on the faith-based message.

Humpty Dumpty

© 2021 Beverly Stock

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