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Heroes, Clubs, and Horseshoes

A poem by Beverly Stock.

BLTs, canapes, burgers - beef or chicken,

Clubs with bacon, submarines, good finger licking!

Panini, muffulettas, po’boys and Sloppy Joes,

Tuna, as melts or in salad, another called Monte Cristo.

Heroes from the West, or cheesesteaks from Philly,

Just bread filled with meat and cheese, not too frilly.

Dagwood and Elvis, Chicago and Space,

Have sandwiches named for each special taste.

In 1762, an Englishman, John Montague,

Was busy gambling, yet still eager to chew,

On lunch of course, perhaps bread and meat,

While he kept playing cards, and not lose his seat.

An anonymous cook (by all rights, should be named),

Layered meat between toast slices, “The Sandwich’, John claimed.

This way of life ruled over gastronomy

Make It and Take It embraced in perpetuity.

Banh mi, Grilled Cheese, Gyros and Melts,

PB & J, Italian or hot roast beef, or hoagies, heartfelt,

Pinwheels and Rubens, from butchers above,

Serve me pork tenderloin sandwiches, and I’m in love.

Oh no, Sloppy Joes, I almost forgot

Kid’s like bananas and peanut butter a lot.

A horseshoe, open faced, topped with cheese, belies

As sauce drips over everything, then embedded with fries.

Hot beef, Italian beef, open, that’s that,

One left to mention, I believe that’s a wrap!


Beverly Stock is an American poet living in St. Louis. Her work has been published on, at, on Persimmontree.Org, and on the Webzine Lighten Up Online.

Heroes, Clubs, and Horseshoes

© 2020 Beverly Stock

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