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Good Humor

A poem by Beverly Stock.

© Nipon Temsakun |

Use good humor please,

The more that is said,

Our days fill with ease,

And not fill with dread.

Words are just words,

With a smile or with a scowl.

Giggle overheard,

Nice words or some foul.

Perchance take a look,

Inciting some glee,

In most humor books,

Five types will there be:

Word Play will be first,

To us, that’s just puns.

Some words kind or cursed,

Word puns are for fun.

Then Caricature next,


With insults in text,


Blunders are wonders

Incorrect decrees,

Words filtered under,

Language artistry.


Like right and then write,

Artistry risen,

Doubly contrite.

Wit is a device

Where hoaxes abound,

Repartee is nice,

And humor is found.

Last of all, Nonsense,

When we double talk,

Pretense influenced,

Humor’s defrocked.


Beverly Stock is an American poet who delights in creating poetry that asks big questions about small moments, and inspires readers to revisit the little memories we so often overlook. Her work has been published by The Society of Classical Poets, The Chained Muse, Persimmon Tree, and LightenUp-Online, in the UK. Visit and BeverlyStockPoetry on Facebook.

Good Humor

© 2020 Beverly Stock


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