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A Poem by Beverly Stock.

A digger, a person who digs in the ground or,

Machines that unearth more than he found,

Describes one working earth with a shovel

On high ground or deep in a hovel-like tunnel.

There’s Well Diggers, Clay Diggers, Digger Pines, too,

A botanical name, trees from Kalamazoo or Peru.

A serious digger would be that for a grave,

Grave digger should always be quiet and staid.

Imagine a Mussel Digger, grey whale, two tons

The large mammal eating shellfish on the run.

There are Digger Indians, the Southern Paiute,

Native Americans in the west, who live on buttes.

Diggers can be from New Zealand or Australia,

It’s slang for soldiers, no matter what regalia.

The most famous digger? It’s the one known as “Gold”

Gold diggers like men rich, and preferably old..


Beverly Stock is an American poet living in St. Louis. Her work has been published on, at, and on the Webzine Lighten Up Online.


© 2019 Beverly Stock

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