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Three Days Before I Die

A poem by A. Turkey Gobbler .

© Dennis Cox |

I’m just a turkey gobbler,

But I’ve got some words to say

And I’d like to say them quickly

Before I pass away.

For I will get it in the neck

Before Thanksgiving Day.

I cannot keep from thinking,

Of poor Marie Antoinette.

She lost her head completely,

But this is what I’ll get--

They’ll knock the stuffin’ out of me

Without the least regret.

Only three days left now,

Goodness, how time flies!

It brings sadness to my heart

And teardrops to my eyes.

Does every turkey feel what way,

Three days before he dies?

Now when you sit down Thursday,

How happy you will be,

Every person gathered there,

Will eat enough for three.

I’ll be the guest of honor

‘Cause that dinner is on ME.

Three Days Before I Die is my condensed version of the original poem My Life and Death, by Edwin C. Ranck, currently in the public domain.


Three Days Before I Die

© 2021 Beverly Stock

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